DENTSPLY's orthodontic solutions improve patients' teeth and jaw alignments, ultimately building beautiful smiles and improving function for people of all ages. DENTSPLY's wide range of aesthetic and reconstruction orthodontic solutions focuses on the unique needs and desires of patients. DENTSPLY enjoys helping dental professionals create smiles worldwide with our innovative and comprehensive selection of orthodontic products and techniques.
Pro-Chain  【Power Products
This polyurethane material chain may have very calm and continuous power and be hardened by heat cure. Depending on the usage and the treatment, there are 5 different force choices.
Prime Master LC  【Bonding Agent
Brand-new light cured bonding agents enables simultaneous processing of Priming and Bonding!! With this state-of-the-art bonding agents, doctors can complete bracket bonding process in only 2 steps, priming and bonding.
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Oral flux  【Lingual Arch Appliances
For dental metal wax solution
Utility plier (For tweed type)  【Instruments
The tip has an appropriate angle for wire turn back.
Mini safety hold distal end cutter (For tweed type)  【Instruments
The tips are made smaller than the regular cutter.
Hollow chop plier (For tweed type)  【Instruments
For the stainless wire curve correction.
Loop forming plier (For tweed type)  【Instruments
The plier reproduces the original tweed loop.
Bird beak plier (For tweed type)  【Instruments
The plier reproduces the original tweed loop.
Arch bending plier (For tweed type)  【Instruments
As the plier opened it becomes parallel and being closed, it is very vertical.
Standard arch turret  【Instruments
This Pre-Tucson Course certified turret applies various wires with 7 ditches.
Round tweezer  【Instruments
The tips are shaped round to pick up bracket and tubes at ease.
Mosquito forceps small tip  【Instruments
For elastic ligation.
Mosquito forceps  【Instruments
For elastic ligation and usage.
Ligature plier  【Instruments
Mainly for wire ligation.
Band pusher  【Instruments
For band temporal fitting. The grip end is larger for easy grip and usage.
Elastic separating plier  【Instruments
For elastic setting. The tip of the plier becomes thicker not to lose the elastic.
Band contouring plier  【Instruments
For the band forming and adjustment.
Young plier  【Instruments
For bending of clasp wires.
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