Prime Master LC

Prime Master LC


Medical device certification number: 224AFBZX00096A01 (Bonding Paste),21200BZZ00294A01 (Ethant Gel)
Brand-new light cured bonding agents enables simultaneous processing of Priming and Bonding!! With this state-of-the-art bonding agents, doctors can complete bracket bonding process in only 2 steps, priming and bonding.


Prime Master LC Set


1. Prime Master LC Bonding Paste x 2 bottles (4g per each)

2. Prime Master LC Etchant Gel x 1 bottle (3ml per each)

3. Tip / Cap (for Etchant Gel) x 5pcs  / 1pcs



Prime Master LC Bonding Paste


1. Performs strong and stable bonding strength.

Adhesive monomer is mixed in the bonding paste!!

>>>   The adhesive monomer can chemically connect between teeth surface and brackets of various materials, firm and strong.

>>>   Proper paste viscosity will help maximization of mechanical lock.

>>>   With hydrophilic monomer mixed, paste can keep stable bonding retention under moisture.


2. Helps chair-time reduction

Can simultaneously process priming and bonding at 1 time, which reduces doctors' troubles for extra priming process. Bonding paste can have moderate viscosity by mixture of UDMA monomer. Applied bonding agent shall be soon formed thin and properly hard, by which doctors can feel much easier to remove remnant resin after the treatment termination.


Prime Master LC Etchant Gel 

Dedicated etchant gel for Prime Master LC Bonding Paste.


Tip / Cap

Dedicated tips and caps for Prime Master LC Etchant Gel. Disposable.

* Miscellaneous goods.

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