DENTSPLY's orthodontic solutions improve patients' teeth and jaw alignments, ultimately building beautiful smiles and improving function for people of all ages. DENTSPLY's wide range of aesthetic and reconstruction orthodontic solutions focuses on the unique needs and desires of patients. DENTSPLY enjoys helping dental professionals create smiles worldwide with our innovative and comprehensive selection of orthodontic products and techniques.
Band contouring plier  【Instruments
For the band forming and adjustment.
Young plier  【Instruments
For bending of clasp wires.
Three jaw wire bending plier  【Instruments
For crasp wire bending.
Micro utility plier  【Instruments
The edge is designed so small for various usage.
New pin & ligature cutter  【Instruments
To stand for a long time usage, a super hard blade is installed. The handle with spring offers you a smooth cutting.
Clear snap cutter  【Instruments
This plier is exclusively made for the Clear Snap removing.
Terminal bend II plier  【Instruments
Using a pair of this plier, you can bend the tynilloy wire without any heat treatment.
Tynilloy V-bend plier round  【Instruments
This plier is designed exclusively to make "V" shaped bending for the Tynilloy wire.
Nance closing loop plier  【Instruments
For forming the closing loops regulary. There are four different sizes.
Jarabak plier  【Instruments
Mainly for the light wire method and to hold thinner wires.
Light wire plier with cutter  【Instruments
This plier is added the cutter blade to the light wire plier. There are two ditches at the edge to hold the wire.
Light wire plier  【Instruments
For the light wire method and edgewire method loop forming.
Bird beak plier  【Instruments
The one edge shaped circle cone and the orher is shaped pyramid for forming thin wire and varied loops.
Tweed loop forming plier  【Instruments
For forming a small loop.
Tweed arch bending plier  【Instruments
Mainly for bending or putting some torque to the edgewise wires. As the plier fully opened, both edges become parallel.
Posterior band removing plier  【Instruments
This plier is to remove the band for the molars.
Bracket remover (for D.B.S.)  【Instruments
For removal of composite and metal bracket.
Weingart utility plier  【Instruments
This plier is for arch wire implement or removal. Also, available to use any equiments adjustment.
How plier (1/8" tip)  【Instruments
Within the mouth, this plier is to use for wire ligation and interdental separation. Also, available to adjust any dental equipments such as new ST lock.
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