DENTSPLY's orthodontic solutions improve patients' teeth and jaw alignments, ultimately building beautiful smiles and improving function for people of all ages. DENTSPLY's wide range of aesthetic and reconstruction orthodontic solutions focuses on the unique needs and desires of patients. DENTSPLY enjoys helping dental professionals create smiles worldwide with our innovative and comprehensive selection of orthodontic products and techniques.


Nano White (Tynilloy Wire)  【Wires
Orthodontic Ni-Ti wire with nano-technology white coating provides soft force and super elasticity.
Tynilloy wire  【Wires
Tynilloy, the super-elastic nickel-titanium wire deliver a soft but very continuous and stable elasticity as an ideal orthodontics treatment wire.
SUS wire  【Wires
The SUS Wire has very esthetical appearance gold color series. Lemon Gold, Peach Gold and regular(silver) are available for 35cm straight or pre-formed(large and small).
β titanium wire  【Wires
More flexible than the stainless and easy for bending rather than Ni-Ti wire.
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