Prosthetic dentistry encompasses the restoration and replacement of teeth, improving oral function, comfort, appearance and overall health of patients. DENTSPLY maintains a strong presence in the areas of prosthetic dentistry by offering both fixed and removable options. DENTSPLY offers a wide range of solutions that optimize patients' comfort, appearance, and function. From crowns and bridges, dentures, and implant-supported prostheses, DENTSPLY offers a reliable option to fit any patient's lifestyle.
Polycarbo Crown  【All
Polycarbonate Temporary Crown
Model Repair  【All
Dowel Pin Adhesive
Easy to handle! High reliability!
Microsurveyor Compass  【All
It's compact! Versatile! and Unique!
The Original dental surveyor
Adaptable to task, easy to use
Helps you complete precise designs,
Accurate observations
2-6 Wire Clasps  【All
Patented, Solderless.

Approved by the National Health Examination Board.



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