Microsurveyor Compass

Microsurveyor Compass


It's compact! Versatile! and Unique!
The Original dental surveyor
Adaptable to task, easy to use
Helps you complete precise designs,
Accurate observations


Wide range of applicatoins!

It's portable, versatile and easy to handle device that may be used for completely new dental applications.

The primary applications are to examine abutment teeth, design dentures, make parallel measurements of

abutment teeth for bridges and explain these procedures to patients.


Novel Applications!

Chair side convenience:

Examining abutment teeth, taking parallel measurements of abutment teeth for bridges (using the model) and explaining these procedures to the patient.


Laboratory Instructions:

If both dentists and technicians use the MICROSURVEYOR COMPASS, then there will be a better understanding of how technical procedures works as well as a way to confirm whether or not these procedures were carried out.

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